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The ADI Design Museum presents “One to one. The species of objects” curated by Beppe Finessi and the first temporary exhibition to be housed in the Museum. It is closely linked to the Compasso d’Oro Historical Collection and can be considered as one potential interpretation of it.

 “One to one” is a historical reflection based on a sequence of “judicious couplings” of Award-winning designs. They have been selected, put together and displayed side by side in a sequence of pairs of objects that are typologically identical but formally very different because they were developed by different designers often years apart. This critical interpretation attempts to investigate the permanence of certain “types” of design functions, territories and areas which, like constants, regularly feature over the years of the Compasso d’Oro.

The display design is a way of clearly presenting a comparative analysis of recurring models, and  understanding immediately, through a direct visual comparison, the specific features and similarities of the different design approaches. This allows the viewer to grasp the individual nature of certain types of objects and identify the differences resulting from the personal sensitivities of the designers, along with the evolution of models brought about by changes in demands and tastes over time.

Two dinner sets, two armchairs, two floor lamps, two desks, two street lamps and two runabout cars: an exhibition as a sequence of iconic pairs of Italian design, presented so as to underline the evolution of the species of certain objects that continue to be a constant part of our lives.

Beppe Finessi


curated by
Beppe Finessi

exhibition design by
Studio Cerri

work supervision by
Matteo Vercelloni

set up
Merlo SpA

photo credits
Martina Bonetti

ADI Design Museum

technical sponsor
Merlo SpA

@Greta Gandini_Endemol
@Greta Gandini_Endemol
@Greta Gandini_Endemol