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Officina ADI Design Museum Cafè by CHIC Charming Italian Chef

The “Officina Design Café”, managed by CHIC (Charming Italian Chef) brings a whole range of ideas and suggestions inspired by the principle of sustainability to the museum spaces. The idea is to promote responsible consumption with respect for the environment and the balanced use of natural resources. It is a meeting place where through the tastes and flavours of top quality cuisine, customers are invited to pay attention to the choices of raw materials, cooking styles and the healthiness of the ingredients in each dish.

The gastronomic range on offer consists of a wide range of ethical preparations to be enjoyed at any time of the day, from breakfast to lunch and up to the evening aperitif.

The concept is based around the particular ethos behind the CHIC Association, which brings together high profile professionals from the world of catering including chefs, pizza chefs, pastry chefs, ice cream makers and bakers who take turns in preparing products in the cafeteria, both to be eaten on site or taken away.

Thanks to the direct involvement of CHIC members and significant partnerships with suppliers of top quality Italian and foreign food and wines, the dishes and drinks on the selected menu offered by the “Officina Design Café” are intended to be a unique culinary experience.

Painstaking attention is paid to the cleanliness and health of both the furnishings and the counter which are made of copper, thanks to its natural and antibacterial mineral origin. Today this aspect is more important than ever for the health of all of us.

Tue – Fri 10.30 – 20.00

Sat – Sun 10.30 – 20.00


+39 3757353495