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Who we are

The ADI Design Museum was created to showcase the entire repertoire of projects in the historical collection of the Compasso d’Oro award. This award was created in 1954 thanks to an idea by Gio Ponti to promote the quality of Made in Italy design and today it is the oldest and most authoritative form of recognition within the industry worldwide.

The museum is managed by the ADI Compasso d’Oro Collection Foundation, established in 2001 by ADI – the Association for Industrial Design to safeguard and enhance the artifacts built up over the decades of the award. This is a national cultural legacy, recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as “of exceptional artistic and historical interest”.

Together with the Permanent Collection, the museum spaces will host temporary in-depth exhibitions, cross-cutting initiatives and meetings for the general public, with the aim of raising awareness and promoting design culture at both national and international levels.

A new cultural centre

A regularly updated curatorial team that guarantees a wide range of constantly redefined visions and programmes.
A museum that is open and accessible to everyone in line with design for all criteria.

The exhibitions and services are in a single open space and are accompanied by the presence of specifically trained cultural mediators whose job is to allow visitors direct access to and involvement with the contents.

A single app – created thanks to the technical partnership with Orbital Cultura (Nexi Group) – manages the ticket office, visits to exhibitions and provides constantly updated information about the museum’s initiatives.

It is a place open to everyone, even those who don’t want to visit the exhibitions. Members of the public can spend their time here, meet friends and hold business meetings. The glazed gallery, the focal point of the museum, connects via Ceresio with via Bramante via a walkway that becomes a genuinely new design path.