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The ADI Design Museum presents “Design enters History”, a video installation produced by OffiCine (IED and Anteo) and the Istituto Europeo di Design, currently on display in the foyer of the Museum.

This animated short film looks at the close relationship between creativity and history, putting the creative act into the socio-economic context that generated it. Although marked by two world wars, numerous events took place in Italy from the end of the 1920s to the early 1950s. Cinecittà was established, the Triennale Exhibition was inaugurated, household appliances arrived in Italian homes, the world of fashion took its first steps, there was a boom in transport…

If, as in a photo album, we were to put the images of those years in chronological order, we would find ourselves confronted with a roundup of events both large and small, some apparently ordinary, others incredibly revolutionary.

These images, these archival photographs, scroll across the screen accompanied by music and a series of sounds that seem to bring them back to life. Over this perfect “canvas” a white line appears: it is the thoughts of the designer, the architect, who transforms and communicates with events and changes. In so doing, he “plays” with these images of History that flow in the background, interacting with them until they take on the forms that we recognize today as iconic designs of those years.


created by
OffiCine (IED/Anteo)

signed by
Istituto Europeo di Design

directed by
Mattia Colombo & Davide Fois

creative direction, animation supervision by
Rachele Santini

management and coordination by
Cristina Marchetti & Silvia Ardini

layout artist, character design and animation by
Chiara Loiacono

music & sound design
Luca Fois