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The Compasso d’Oro for the Chinese public: an exhibition set up in Shanghai’s most central historic area-the Bund-illustrates the value, history and purpose of the award by displaying a selection of objects from its Historical Collection, emphasizing its value as a representation of the quality of Italian design.

The exhibition-curated by Francesca Balena Arista, Giovanni Comoglio, Maite García Sanchis with Min Ling and with an installation design by Aldo Cibic-is entitled Compasso d’Oro Award: Seventy Years. Leading Italian Design Trends. It comprises four sections. The first, Golden Section, serves as an introduction, illustrating with immersive tools the concept of the golden section as a criterion of beauty and balance, and the relationship between nature and artifice that lies at the root of the Italian conception of design. The second section, Compasso d’Oro, tells the story of the award through images and documents, linking it to the leading role of designers and producers together.

In the section entitled Timeline over 70 award-winning objects from 1954 to 2022 trace the history of the prize and the evolution of Italian design it reflects. Finally, seven paths make up the fourth section: Thematic Panoramas. Over 35 objects awarded the Compasso d’Oro provide concrete examples of the quality of Italian design according to seven different declinations: Craft and Industry, Domesticity without Boundaries, Invention, Turning Point, Communication, Public Goods, Families.

From objects to public spaces, from services to graphics, the exhibition offers visitors a varied experience that gives a concrete account of the many souls that have always contributed to the physiognomy of Italian design

Compasso d’Oro Award:
Seventy Years. Leading Italian Design Trends.
November 9, 2023 – February 25, 2024
Bund 18, Shanghai