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Design Week 2022

For the Salone del Mobile 2022 and Milan Design Week, from 6th to 12th June the ADI Design Museum will be the setting for events and installations designed to understand the world of contemporary design through its historical roots. The primary focus is on the relationship between design and different forms of art such as music, dance and sculpture and there will be a calendar of events, from concerts to talks, involving the leading Made in Italy players.

The special partner for the occasion will be the iconic Sicilian liqueur Amara, which visitors will be able to buy and enjoy at the Officina Design Cafè, the ADI Design Museum cafeteria.

During the week of the Exhibition, the museum’s opening hours will be exceptionally extended until 10.00 pm. Exhibitions and events for the Design Week will be accessible free of charge, while access to the permanent and temporary residential exhibitions will be possible via regular ticket purchase online or on site.

The exhibitions:

  • La casa nella casa – a tribute to Dino Gavina. An extraordinarily important figure in the world of design who won the Compasso d’Oro for his career in 2008, Dino Gavina was not only one of the most revolutionary entrepreneurs in the sector, but also a great visionary. To mark the centenary of his birth, Paradisoterrestre (the brand he founded) is paying a tribute to him with an exhibition project entitled “la casa nella casa” or a house within the house, a 1:1 scale reproduction of the “refuge” created by Gavina inside his own home. It is a “cube” in which to isolate and find oneself, a project linked to Dino Gavina’s private world which opens up a reflection on our own personal intimacy. On display to the public for the first time, the museum presents the staging of the structure designed within what was once the home of the Bolognese businessman.
  • Conversations with Emotional Journeys. A retrospective of the young Swiss artist Giacomo Braglia: photography, sculpture and wrapping (sculptural forms covered with photographic images) are the expressive techniques used to give life to an unprecedented exploration of the contemporary world. In particular the exhibition reflects on the theme of physical and interior travel, underlining the need to return to travelling in order to get to know distant continents and cultures. The project is being promoted by the Gabriele and Anna Braglia Foundation in collaboration with the Plana Cultural Association.
  • NECO – The New Cone Circularity and green are the focus of attention for new generation packaging. An installation curated by Francesco Dondina opens a window on the circular economy in this fundamental sector of contemporary design. Revolutionary and minimalist, NECO takes sustainability into account from the moment the product is conceived, optimizing the overall dimensions and  reducing the environmental impact thanks to its shape and the choice of itsmaterials.
  • Elica, past and present, looking to the future. The historic company from the Marche region presents the present and the future from the point of view of the producer and the user, through three of its most iconic products, designed by Fabrizio Crisà. Revolutionizing the way of experiencing the kitchen and translating the needs of contemporary life into design solutions, the result is an installation which examines the reasons for Elica’s success.
  • Peace&Light, powered by Repower. Designed by two-time Compasso d’Oro winner Denis Santachiara, the innovative light presented by the Repower brand at the museum is intended as a tribute to Nikola Tesla. New technology allows the idea of a lamp to merge with that of a container and puts Peace & Light into that range of hybrid lifestyle products that highlight the value of sustainability.

The events

Il Giovane Giorgetto. Come si diventa il car designer del secolo

Date 07/06 time 18.00

Compasso d’Oro career winner in 1984, Giugiaro is recognized as one of the greatest car designers in the world. The author Giosuè Bonetto Cohen has dedicated an exciting and inspiring story to him, aimed at enthusiasts but also at young people who embark on that same career today. Personal adventures, the first steps in a career involving Turin from the 1960s to the 1980s together with the  Germany of the Volkswagen Golf, Japan ahead of its time and Korea still waiting to be discovered: a complete journey through the world of a great master. Speakers: Giosuè Boetto Cohen, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Giovanna Mazzocchi Bordon

Esplorare la galassia della disciplina. Presentation of the book by Stefano Maffei and Elena Formia

Date 08/09 time 15.00

Design grows, both as a discipline and as a process, so it is inevitable that its definition turns out to be dynamic. The contemporary idea of transformation in the book by Maffei and Formia, published by Bologna University Press, aims at the construction of a real design map and is examined by a series of designers, intellectuals and scientists who are leaders in various fields of human experience. Speakers: Andrea Cancellato, Luciano Galimberti, Stefano Maffei, Elena Formia, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Francesco Zurlo, Beatrice Leanza, Susanna Legrenzi.

Senso Espresso. Coffe. Style. Emotions.

Date 08/08 time 18.00)

An event organised by the MUMAC – Cimbali Group Coffee Machine Museum, the round table hosted by the ADI Design Museum focuses on the coffee machine, an iconic Made in Italy element and an example of a legacy that is recognizable worldwide. The event starts with the contents of the book entitled “SENSO ESPRESSO. Coffee. Style. Emotions.” in which the famous object sees cultural professionals discussing how design and innovation are today increasingly at the service of Corporate Cultural Responsibility in creating value. Speakers: Silvia Adler, Antonella Andriani, Michela Antiga, Antonio Calabrò, Giovanna Castiglioni, Edgardo Ferrero, Barbara Foglia, Elisa Storace. Moderator: Patrick Abbattista

Il Design Responsabile

Date 09/06 time 11.30

Curators Federica Sala and Francesco Dondina discuss the theme of sustainability in the world of design.

I Quaderni Plana di Ugo La Pietra

Date 09/06 time 18.00

Bestiario and Dal cucchiaio alla città are the new editorial editions from the Associazione Culturale Plana “I Quaderni Plana” collection, first established in 1976. The famous designer Ugo La Pietra, a recognized figure not only in the world of design but also of art in all its forms, has chosen the location of the museum to present the two poetic collections of texts and drawings in an exclusive preview.

This will be followed by the presentation of Fascicolo 1976-2016 curated by Fabrizio Citton, an important starting point for reflection on the themes of design at the origins of sustainable and ethical concepts. Speakers: Luciano Galimberti, Ugo La Pietra, Fabrizio Citton, Riccardo Cominelli, Francesco Schianchi.

The Circle of Life. Timeless Design Lives Forever

Date 09/06 time 19.00

Kicco Bestetti, Toan Nguyen and Roberto Palomba & The D’Ax Design Signature Collection for the Fuorisalone 2022 by the Chateau D’Ax company.

Car Design Awards 2022 by Auto&Design Magazine in partnership with  Brembo S.p.A.

Date 10/06 time 16.00 and 18.00

The Car Design Award is an international award that celebrates the design teams behind mass production and concept car projects. The winners of the Car Design Award are selected by a jury of experts, representatives of the most prestigious automotive magazines on an international level. It will be followed by the Design Cocktail 2022 Gli infiniti linguaggi dello stile, in collaboration with Alcantara S.p.A.

Master Innovation Design curated by Harim Accademia Euromediterranea

Date 10/06 time 9.00

A talk dedicated to the Masters in Innovation Design course, which will see a number  of Sicilian companies interact during the course of the year through workshops, talks and internships with the intention of creating a container for all the partners representing Sicilian culture at national level, in order to establish synergies promoting a link for employment and the future of young designers. Speakers: Daniele Spitaleri, Andrea Branciforti, Giulia Costanzo, Luigi Patitucci

ADI Siclia. Handmade: culture is business

Date 11/06 time 09.00

The ADI – Association for Industrial Design Sicilian delegation presents an important reflection on the theme of identity and knowledge of places as a necessary condition in design culture. In recent years, our area has been bringing together art, culture and design in a single meeting space; interdisciplinarity and creative initiative are therefore values to be cultivated for the intelligent exercise of sustainable design. Speakers: Luciano Galimberti, Ugo La Pietra, Elena Balsamini, Giuseppe Lotti, Claudio Gambardella, Andrea Branciforti, Luigi Patitucci.

Riccardo Blumer. Connections between (naked) bodies, a book, a dance

Date 11/06 time 21.30

Dance, urban planning, architecture and design combine to form a hybrid and original language with which the architect and designer Riccardo Blumer narrates the extraordinary condition of creativity. An asymmetrical “bounce” between a human body and 5 chairs (designed by Blumer) shows how new connections manage to overturn any traditional definition of art and design. Presentation of the book is accompanied by a choreographic performance by Lisa Ferretti and Nuria Prazak.

ROCK DESIGN. Concert by the band Oslavia

Date 12/06 time 19.30

Oslavia, a rock band set up in 2015 and with two successful albums to their credit, have been invited by the ADI Design Museum to create an original fusion project between the worlds of design and music: Il design come non l’hai mai sentito. Through their songs the band tell the story of ten pieces from the Compasso d’Oro collection, using sounds and instruments that evoke objects belonging to the history of Made in Italy design. Following the performance, a cocktail created by the Amara barmen will be on offer, made using the iconic liqueur along with Prosecco DOC kindly offered by Consorzio, the museum’s official in-house sparkling wine.