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Social, Cultural, and Technical Phenomenology: A Contextual Rather Than Merely Chronological Reading to Recognize Some Recurring Interpretative Keys of Italian Design and, With These, the Reasons for Its Success

The exhibition “DesignUP – Solutions of Continuity” is the new thematic deep dive into the permanent collection of the Compasso d’Oro award. In this renewed selection of products and design methodologies, it aims to represent each product as the result of a complex system—solutions of continuity, indeed—that give iconic objects of Italian design their uniqueness. The exhibition project highlights the most specific traits of what we now call Made in Italy, and how the culture of design has permeated all the different stages of the country’s development. It has humanized mass production processes, enabled the rethinking of service offerings, strengthened the drive of industrial districts by promoting the meeting with science and technology, and contributed decisively to the transformations of the manufacturing system, allowing Italian products to position themselves in the high-end segment of international markets.

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